Parenting Presentations – Save the Date

8 Mar


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Fundraising opportunity

8 Mar

17200648_10155940892071038_164299748_o(1).jpgSomething similar could be created for YOUR school!

February Minutes

28 Feb



PAC elections – TIP SHEET

28 Feb


EYC Calendar

28 Feb

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Parent Workshop – FREE

20 Feb

We are pleased to offer the Maples Connect Program for parents of school aged children.   This is a free program offered in partnership with our local CYMH team.
This 10 week program starts February 28th and runs until May 16th (no group over spring break)  6 – 8 pm.
This program supports parents learning to enhance the relationship with their children using the most current teachings.
To register please call the centre at 604 467-6055.

Christina Shearme

Parenting & Personal Growth Coordinator
The Family Education & Support Centre
22554 Lougheed Hwy.,
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2V1
Tel: (604)467-6055 Ext. 107

January DPAC meeting minutes

19 Feb

                                    DPAC meeting – January 26th2017                                                                   

In Attendance:

Kim Dumore     Tammy Cleaven     Korleen Carreras     Lisa Mitchell

Sylvia Russell    Suzanne Hall    Juliette Gordon    Joanne Anderson

Tina Collinson     Nathalie Currie   Mike Murray   Jen Mezei

Jill Ogloff    Kim Rhodes   Jodi Murphy     Ken Bisset     Paula Blamey

Welcome: Kim gave thanks to the HIVE for hosting us.

 Elaine Yamamoto- The HIVE

Community Network is an umbrella organization to help partner groups communicate about the services and resources available locally to serve families

-the HIVE was developed in partnership with SD42 and the city to provide a hub for families to access right in the community they live in; multiple user groups; fully accessible playground, healthy babies program, early childhood (strong start, mother goose), preschool on site, Active kids club, In the Know, Nobody’s Perfect, Parent coffee group, Family Food skills, Community Resources Board, Children clothing Freecycle, Intergenerational Garden; the space is shared to accommodate the Breakfast program and all the other user groups

BCCPAC – Jen Mezei and Joanne Anderson

-parent engagement long standing in BC; BCCPAC is the provincial advisory body of parents, supporting DPACs and PACs

-BCCPAC advocating for public education at the provincial table as equal partners

-individual advocacy for parents struggling with issues at the school level

-BCCPAC working on building trust with partnership groups; BCCPAC is non-partisan, they work with whichever policy makers are in government at the time

-working on a new website, more frequent communication, building collaborative relationships (DPAC summit, conference, “Our Voice” publication)

-Leadership Manual available online (resource for running PACs successfully)

-the biggest reason to join BCCPAC is to give a parent voice to public education, higher numbers of members give more legitimacy to parent participation

-BCCPAC conference in May 2017

Superintendent’s Report:(Sylvia Russell)

-50M from provincial government was 1.2M for SD42 (about 24 FTE teaching staff); District has already hired all the new staff to get the much sought after personnel onboard before other districts in the metro area

-will be very challenging to propose the Budget given that we don’t know what will be put in place in respect to the Supreme Court case; which language from the stripped contract will be reinstated?? How will that impact staffing and building space???

-some changes in admin at several schools (some absences due to illness, maternity and extra support to some schools); new hires in admin coming shortly

-FSA testing just occurred, not many students in this district wrote the test; new format for FSA coming in the Fall of 2017

-Strategic Facilities Plan being revisited as it needs to be updated from the 2013 version as circumstances have changed (growth in the district, international learners, spatial issues)

Trustee report : (Korleen Carreras, Mike Murray)
-excited by the changes coming with more resources on hand to serve students, but the process to implement will be challenging

-Strategic Planning session highlighted the need for partnership between community resources and groups with SD42

-DPAC plays important role in sitting on various tables at the District level (Budget, Strategic Plan, Hiring process, Round Table)

MRTA report: (Suzanne Hall, Ken Bisset)

-pleased to see that different partner groups all worked together to slow down the Curriculum Implementation at 10-12; collective voice has power

-Advocacy Works workshop will be a great resource for possible speakers

-new staffing is well received at the school level (some schools used for collaboration time in classrooms, and other ways to use extra teaching time at the school level)

-feeling is that FSA is changing timeline, but not format; big issue is that the data pulled from the FSA tests is made public

-parents welcome to attend the BCTF AGM that runs at Spring Break, most sessions are open to all (only a few sessions in committee)

-curriculum implementation day is coming up in February, MRTA very pleased with the positive working relationship with the Board to create meaningful days; this session will focus on Aboriginal content changes in the curriculum

-reach out to the MRTA at any time, call or email, visit the website

CUPE report: (report presented on Leslie Franklin’s behalf)

-concern on keeping a 12 month custodian schedule

-the issue of composting at school sites vs pack in/pack out

DSAC report : (no rep present)

Treasurer’s Report (Deanna Lackey):

Regular account: $10,561.13

Gaming account: $2,873.16

Old Business

-great feedback from the Grade 8 Registration Info night; looking in to providing session next year

New Business

-save the date May 25th at GSS Parent Appreciation Dinner and Presentation

-DPAC elections coming in the spring; all positions are open

PAC sharing:

-Harry Hooge Carnival Feb 3

-Yennadon Carnival Feb. 24

-Putting on the Glitz Feb 28th, March 1st

-Saturday Family Literacy Day January 28th 11-2

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

Next meeting:

February 23rd @7pm PME