November minutes

26 Nov

                                      DPAC meeting – November 19th, 2015

In Attendance:

Kim Dumore          Charmaine Pietrzak  Margaret Snow          Riz McCormack

Nicole Bowden           Pascale Shaw             Jill Ogloff                    Jodi Murphy

Deanna Lackey          Korleen Carreras      Todd Patrick              Tina Collinson

Sylvia Russell             Christine Calvert       Miranda Carpenter   Kylie Wilcott

Jill Constable              Rae Hewitt           Bruce Cunnings         Sabrina Mattson

Randi McMyn            Tammy Cikor             Holly Murton             Josh Nicholas

Courtney Connor      Nathalie Currie


Welcome and introductions: Kim gave thanks to Edith McDermott for hosting us.


Bruce Cunning (principal at EMcD)

-school on traditional territory of Katzie Nation, a number of Katzie students attend here

-fabulous PAC, small/mid size school 321 FTE, gr 6/7 iPad programs, inquiry based learning, great athletics program, intramural program, family based events


Holly (Kiwanis)

-“to serve the children of the world, one child at a time”

-literacy and health initiatives around the world

-in SD42 Kiwanis sponsors scholarships, supports hot lunches, KEY clubs at high school, $300 bursaries to elementary schools, $500 donation to high schools

-for more information contact:


Mike Murray (Board of Educaton):

-Trustees represent citizens and provide support

-Trustees support the Senior Team (8), who support Principals/VP(51), Support Staff (586), Teachers (776), Students (14,000)

-look/listen/learn (school visits, round table, liaison), plan (strategic plan, Facilities Plan, budget), govern (set policy, establish priorities, hire Superintendent), provide advocacy (BCSTA, communicate with MLAs, Ministry)

-meet formally once a month, and each Trustee has specific roles they fulfill within SD42

-budget challenges (over 10M in cuts over 2 years), further cut of $3M which impacts bussing and bring your own device for iPad program

-asking government to acknowledge the cost containment to date, the cuts have a negative impact on students, a commitment to other Ministries to step up (health, social services), commitment to fully fund additional costs over which Board has no control over, review tax policy

– many initiatives achieved and a created a roadmap of the Board Operational Plan


Superintendent’s Report (Sylvia Russell):

-curriculum implementation days: extra days school not in session Feb. 19, May 2; the following 2 years will have 1 extra day of students not in session

-Emergency Preparedness: the plan is to have each school in the district to have a pod outside stocked with food, water and some basic supplies); covering the cost of these supplies will be shared by the District and by school budgets and by PAC funds; principals are going to be getting a list of recommended items for each school to have – will be bringing list to PACs for discussion)

-Syrian refugees will be coming to our district, but not a large population like some other districts; children may be joining our schools by February

-gender neutral washrooms are available in all schools in district; MRSS had an article in the paper highlighting the opening at that school

-enrolment is up over 400 FTE


Trustee report : (Korleen Carreras)
-nothing specific beyond presentation above


MRTA report: (Todd Patrick, Susanne Hall)

– very happy with the increase in funding due to the block funding initiative at the high school level

-all new curriculum will include aboriginal content (MRTA very pleased with this)

-MyEdBC $100M program to collect data, produce marks; teachers have some concerns about the bugs; there is a link for further information that will be shared

-for the meeting next month, please submit any questions regarding teachers/BCTF/MRTA prior to meeting so that they can adequately prepare

-please RSVP for that meeting so they can have refreshments; an specific email will be asking for your RSVP and any questions you may have


CUPE report: no rep present


DSAC report : (Josh and Courtney)

-DSAC group is comprised of high school students who volunteer to take part and then an executive is voted in (meet once a month)

-6 or 7 students from each of the elementary schools come and meet with the high school team once a month to work on student leadership

-initiatives such as jersey day, coins for kids, 365 give, core project (Celebration of Respect) in May

-working on the connection between executive and the grade 6/7 students

-excited to increase the student voice within the district (at round table, DPAC meetings etc)


DPAC Report (Kim Dumore):

-Friends in Need food bank is sponsoring a breakfast/snacks program in our district; the SBO has contacted all principals to make them aware of the resources and encourage each school to take advantage of this free food; different schools can implement the food however works best ( formal breakfast program, snack sharing basket, classroom snack baskets etc.); FIN can arrange for food to be delivered if no one from the school can come and pick it up

-Caring Place needs volunteers; good student leadership/social responsibility opportunity


Treasurer’s Report (Deanna Lackey):

Regular account: $5820.16

Gaming account: $3532.05


Pac sharing:

-Edith McDermott Christmas Market Thursday, Nov. 26 5-8pm

-Eric Langton Holiday Fair Dec. 6th 10-4



Meeting adjourned at 8:54 pm


Next meeting: December 17th @MRTA – Traffic Safety in School Zones

Please look out for an RSVP email



26 Nov

Our Trustees are asking PACs to please spread the word about the Strong Kids Parent Survey that is now online at the City of Maple Ridge

Meeting AGENDA – Nov. 19th

15 Nov


Hammond Event!

12 Nov


Webster’s Corner Christmas Market

5 Nov

WC christmas market 2015 copy

October meeting minutes

2 Nov

                                        DPAC meeting – October 29th, 2015

In Attendance:

Kim Dumore              Charmaine Pietrzak      Margaret Snow          Riz McCormack

Nicole Bowden           Pascale Shaw             Jill Ogloff                    Jodi Murphy

Deanna Lackey          Korleen Carreras           Ramin Mehrassa       Jamie Schmidt

Tammy Diniz               Laurie Meston           Sylvia Russell             Christine Calvert

Jill Constable              Dave Speers               Joanne Barnier          Sterling Mitchell

Cindy Farnsworth     Colleen Oldham         Regan Mallais             Elaine Yamamoto

Welcome and introductions: Kim gave thanks to Webster’s for hosting us.

Ramin Mehrassa – principal, at Webster’s, the little school that could! Smallest school in the district; super PAC at the school; great community vibe to school; held curriculum night with parents; designed own T-shirts; pancake breakfast several times a year; FB page to promote community – share photos of what they are doing over summer; mindfulness stations (sparkle jar); buddy classes

David Speers (Neighbourhood Development Program)

-Parks and Leisure services in MR; (under community tab)

-works with small and large groups to foster community –‘Neighbourhood Champions’

-provide $100 to groups who are looking to host a block party; can use common property on strata, or a cul de sac and get a street permit; have to be inclusive of all

-have a ‘matching funds’ program available for programs such as: community garden project, plant renewal, beautification, bee keeping, ‘More Peas Please’ project, Intergenerational Garden

Laurie Meston (Deputy Superintendent)

-presentation on Inclusive Education

-sources of info: Inclusion BC website; district website under Board Policies; contact Laurie for access to articles and research on the subject and she will send out to you

-history in BC: exclusion (institutions), segregation (classes schools), integration

-late 80’s the movement in SD42 began to move towards inclusion; by 1993 all schools were full service schools (accept all students, regardless of needs)

-funding: based on level of disability, from level 1-3, $9,500 – 37,700; no funding for mild intellectual development, gifted, learning disabilities, moderate behaviour

-funding allocated to schools on a formula and need basis (support staff, collaboration time, supplies); funding is not attached to the one child but spread over the school community to service all students in an inclusive manner

-Learning services (Ab Ed, ELL, LA) work in zones within district

-If your child needs further support – talk to class teacher, set up meeting with support teacher, possibly set an IEP in place

– on the website under parent tab there is an ‘Appeals Process’ info page if you feel your child is not getting adequate service

-“children who learn together, learn to live together

Superintendent’s Report (Sylvia Russell):

-new curriculum K-9 being implemented by Sept. 2016; staff across SD42 being in- serviced during this calendar year; students will be off for 2 addition days this year so staff can get training – dates will be decided and communicated

-Facilities Review has been completed, now implementation is underway, lots of work to come

-communication survey online now, check portal

-principal’s laptop stolen with sensitive data contained; big process to deal with breach of privacy

CUPE report: no rep present

MRTA report: no rep present

Trustee report : (Korleen Carreras)
Facilities plan has been a huge part of the Board workload

-one public board meeting per month; trying to figure out ways to increase participation in the meetings (change locations? Times?)

– wrote a report to the Standing Committee on Finance regarding lack of adequate funding in public education

-met with 5 other district board of trustees in Fraser Valley to share ideas

DPAC Report (Kim Dumore):

-Round Table meeting in September was a great success, generated a lot of feedback

-Langley Parent conference has been cancelled; will advise if rescheduled

-Recycling initiative being promoted by Ridge Meadows Recycling: pack in, pack out waste; for further info:

Treasurer’s Report (Deanna Lackey):

Regular account: $5807

Gaming account: $3534

– received our gaming grant

Pac sharing:

-Fairview hosting a bingo night Nov. 20 @7pm

-Webster’s Dec 5th Christmas craft market 10-3

-Harry Hooge Craft Fair Nov. 21st 10-4

-Kanaka business fair Nov 7 10-2

-HIVE clothing free cycle Nov. 28th at Eric Langton gym; drop off donations at the school any time at the school; FVRL’s Library Live and On Tour (Lili) will also be at this Freecycle. Lili’s Dave Denault can issue library cards, give away books and even wave fines!

Meeting adjourned at 8:44pm

Next meeting: November 19th @Edith McDermott – Trustee 10

Bingo night at Fairview!

30 Oct

Fairview Bingo poster-page-001


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